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Monthly Variety Feature!

If you were fortunate enough to stop by our shop this month, then you had a chance to try our new MONTHLY feature Variety cookie. There are so many ways to make a cookie that we just needed to find a way to squeeze more cookies into our baking schedule.

For November, Lisa reached into the special family recipe box. The Ginger Spice cookie has been a family favorite every Fall for many years. Flavored with real molasses and rolled in sugar, it is the perfect addition to your seasonal cookie jar. Stop by and pick up a dozen. They are perfect for family time with a cup of hot coffee or a glass of cold milk. In fact, start with two dozen and make them part of your new Thanksgiving tradition!

But Ginger Spice is only here until the end of November! December is almost here and it will be time for...oh, just stop by and find out for yourself!

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