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Christmas is Close!

Don't let the busyness of this season keep you from finding the meaning of this season. Remember the magic of anticipating Christmas when you were little? As you get older the "thick of thin things" threatens to crowd out the wonder. Give yourself space to search for and find wonder. Here is a will likely be found in the face of a child.

We are doing our best to balance busy and wonder at 1 Smart Cookie. Stop by the shop in the next couple of weeks and see some of the beauty our Cookie Artists are providing for the season. If you want something like this to be part of a holiday event, or on the cookie tray for Santa, be sure to get your order in by the 19th. We will be taking orders up until close of business on Tuesday before Christmas so our team can have time to do their best for you. We will be open until 1:00pm on Saturday, December 23 for order pick-up. We will also have display cookies each day, but be sure to come early.

While you are here, get a cup of coffee and tell our artists what you are doing to find wonder this season.

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