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Sprinkle Contingencies

Every day we get a new challenge. Someone calls or walks in our shop and they have an idea. There is some special occasion to be celebrated, and they want just the right cookie. We call our team Cookie Artists because that's exactly what they do. They take ideas from our customers and turn them into sweet memories.

But every artist needs a lot of colors to work with. No offense to Ansel Adams. We love his photographs. But our cookies need lots of different, bright colors! One of the ways we add color is with sprinkles. Of course we mean more when we say "sprinkles". There are jimmies, nonpareils, crystal sugar, confetti sprinkles, and...well, you get the idea.

Six months ago we shut down our shop for a week so we could renovate the customer area. But we didn't stop with improvements at the front of the shop. One of our recent additions was a new Wall of Sprinkles. Our inventory got so large we needed a better way to organize all of our options. We also love the great colors as another way to inspires us every day as we make your custom cookies!

The next time you are in our shop picking up your special order, peak around the corner just past the pickup counter and you can see our Wall of Sprinkles.

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