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We Make Your Memories Sweeter

"We make your memories sweeter."

We saw that a lot around here. We say it because it captures what we do in just five little words. But it takes more than five words to explain the depth of meaning behind them.

We - No cookie leaves our shop made by one person. There is a team that crafts every cookie. From mixing, to roll out and cutting, to baking and icing, to piping and packaging, there is a lot of work in every cookie.

Make - Our cookies are crafted. They don't come in tubs from a corporate factory with assembly instructions. Every cookie is made by our Cookie Artists just for you.

Your - Our cookies are your creation. They start with the conversation you have with a Cookie Artist to make sure your ideas become sweet reality.

Memories - Cookies are serious business. They aren't just sweet deserts, they are child hood memories, graduation parties, baby showers, weddings, and so much more. We have helped celebrate organ transplants, new buildings, business anniversaries, sporting events, and on and on.

Sweeter - It's not just that the cookies are sweet, they add a sweet accent on your event custom for you that helps hold that memory in a treasured place for years to come.

Every cookie picture on our web site, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter is full of meaning for each customer. See if you can look through the sweet pictures to the memories hidden within. Then call us and give us a chance to make your memory sweeter as well.

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