Special Packaging

Let us know how you want your cookies prepared.  We can wrap them individually, place them on a tray, or even a bouquet.  There are all kinds of options.  Just let us know.

Window Box
Your cookies are bagged and placed in a window box with decorative shred and tied with a ribbon.
Wrapped Tray
We arrange your custom cookies on a doily covered tray, wrap the tray in cellophane, and tie it up with coordinating ribbon.
Cookie Bouquet
Cookie bouquets begin with our custom cookies baked on sticks, and decorated. Each cookie is wrapped and tied, then arranged in a pail, bouquet-style.
Market Trays
Market trays make for a lovely presentation of the cookies you're giving as a gift or promotion. Filled with colorful shred, cookies are heat sealed individually, and all tied up with a bow; satisfaction guaranteed.
Ribbon Tie
To make your custom cookie into a sweet gift or party favor, we place your cookie in a cellophane bag and tie closed with ribbon.
Heat Seal
Heat sealing your cookie is a sleek way to present it, or keep it fresh for several days.
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