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More Exciting OKC Projects

Oklahoma City has been on a roll. From the MAPS projects, to the OKC Thunder, to remarkable and exciting renewal of whole sections of town, this has been an exciting time! Over the years we have helped celebrate ground breaking events, new businesses, and more. But recently we had the chance to celebrate some destruction.

OG&E recently started work on tearing down a facility that housed one of their data centers. The project at SW 5th & E. K. Gaylord is going to make room for a mixed use facility that includes an 865-space parking garage, retail space, child care, and even a roof-top pool. With the new convention center and 17-story hotel under construction, this is just a small part of more exciting growth. You can learn about the project in this piece at The Oklahoman by Steve Lackmeyer.

The staff at OG&E decided turning the page on some technology history was a time for a little bit of celebration. They asked us to mark the occasion with some farewell cookies as they turned out the lights on the center for the last time.

So as your business changes in these exciting times, watch for opportunities you can celebrate with your team. And if you like, give us a call and we will make that celebration a little sweeter!

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