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House Warming Cookies

A customer recently asked us to make some very special custom cookies. She sent us a picture of a house built many years ago. Then she sent us a sketch she had done on her iPad of how she wanted us to take that picture and turn it into a set of cookies. The cookies were going to be very detailed, and she was very clear about how she wanted the finished product to look.

The cookies included a stucco effect, a wooden door, flowers, and even brushed rose-gold highlights to re-create the aged effect of a copper roof. We were happy for the challenge, but we really wanted to know the story behind the cookies.

The day arrived and our new customer came in to pick up her cookies. She graciously obliged when we asked if she would share with us ‘the rest of the story.’

Her parents had built this house here in Oklahoma City back in 1980. She now lives in a different house in the same neighborhood. Her parents’ house was recently purchased and the new owners have been renovating. But these new owners have been respectful of the heritage of their special home. They even offered some architectural details that had to be removed to our customer so that she could have a memento of her memories of the house.

We are only here for a short time. In the end we don’t own things, we are stewards of them. We were so blessed to help a very special lady say “thank you” to members of our community who understand this lesson.

We love making memories sweeter for our customers. Today our customer made our day sweeter with her thoughtful thank you for her neighbors.

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