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Cookies are serious business...

That may sound strange. After all, we don't make medicine or design buildings or write laws. We take simple things like flour and sugar, mix in a lot of artistry and skill and voila! Cookies!

But people take their cookies very seriously. And they should. Cookies are serious business. Cookies are part of some of your best memories. Maybe it was your mom, or another relative, or your friend's family member who baked your favorite cookie when you were little. It isn't just the cookie you remember. You remember the smell that filled the house. You remember the smiles of sharing that cookie with someone.

Cookies are a portal to memories.

We get it. That's why we love making custom cookies just for you. It's not really about the cookies. It's about the memories. So stop by our shop and let us work with you on the serious business of making your next [memory] cookie.

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