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Jack O'Lantern Contest Winners!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted in our first Jack O'Lantern contest. Our Cookie Artists had fun making their entries (there was even a weekend craft party at the shop) and we all enjoyed watching the votes come in. We really liked the kids who picked out their favorite - so cute!

The Cookie Artist who's Jack O'Lantern had the most votes this year was...Christina. However, those votes were really close!

And we had another winner. Christina had the honor of drawing a ticket from the jar of votes for her Jack O'Lantern. We have a video below of the moment when she drew Eula H.'s ticket. She will be getting two dozen variety cookies!

But wait! There's more! We will be delivering the proceeds from your donations to the Homeless Alliance. We are so grateful for everyone who did their part to help make our community a better place. We believe it is in the many small actions we take every day that we shape this world.

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