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So many stories...

Sometimes it's fun to randomly take a peek just before the custom cookie orders are being packaged. Every order has a story, and working in our cookie shop is a chance to see a little snippet from so many different stories.

When the boxes are set out on our new pick up counter, it's easy to see there is a chorus of life events every day. Some are obvious from the cookies chosen, but some are a bit of a mystery.

For example, someone had a birthday this week and the cookies were decorated with her name in the font and colors from the TV show "Friends". There could be all kinds of meaning there - a favorite show from years past, the suggestion of a long friendship, and so many good memories.

Another box had cookies for a creative baby shower. The cookies were covered in blessings and beautiful statements about this little life. It was hard to pick out a favorite, but I think I like "Be brave" - this world would be a much better place if more of us were given such a blessing at the start of our lives.

We had another baby shower order going out. This one was fun in its simplicity. Little mustaches hinting at a sweet future for this "little man".

And then there was the tray of Navy cookies. There are so many possibilities here - perhaps celebrating an enlistment, or a retirement, or a homecoming. Regardless, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the people who enjoyed these cookies.

The last one from this weekend were the cups of cocoa and snowmen. I don't know what the occasion was, but it was certainly sweeter with these. I liked the little detail one of our cookie artists added - they used cake icing for the whipped cream on top of the drinks to give added dimension to the cookies.

These boxes are just a reminder that every person we meet through the day has a story. Take the time to learn more about the stories around you and see if you can find a way to make them sweeter. Here's a hint - stop by our shop and we can help.

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