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The Fun is in the Details

Sometimes when our cookie artists get a chance to really collaborate with a customer, some fun things happen. One way to see this is in the details. Before eating these delicious cookies, it's worth taking a moment to see the creativity and craft that brought that particular cookie and that life event together.

For example, here are a few orders that went out this weekend.

This was a birthday order fashioned after a picture brought in by the customer. First there is a fun overall theme to these different cookies. But after you take in the different shapes and colors, look at the details.

The white cookie on the top right is done with a layer of white icing, then a pattern on top, then a set of flowers, complete with three little candy balls (can you see them?)

Next, count the layers of icing on that bee - there are four different layers.

This was a fun baby shower order. Take a look at the texture of the icing on the onesie. The green is laid down in a neat pattern to give the look of texture on a sweater. Then of course it's finished with a bow tie at the top.

The putting green has a nice blue sky and cloud and the flag crosses the two different colors neatly to tie them together.

We get quite a few "She Said Yes" cookie requests. This one includes the date for the big day inside a diamond ring, initials, congratulations, and a "Happily ever after" blessing.

Three of the cookies also have a gold dusting that catches the light and adds depth to the lettering.

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