Just a simple W...

How long does it take you to write a “W”? You would likely spend more time picking up your pen then it would take to commit those four simple lines to paper. But what if you were asked to re-create a company logo that included a "W" on a cookie? That is a more complicated thing. And it is what our cookie artists do every day.

But the artistry always starts with the cookie. We take care to make our proprietary sugar cookie from scratch in small batches using only fresh, natural ingredients. We roll out our cookies to a generous half-inch thick and then pick just the right cookie cutter from our inventory of over 1,000 different shapes. When they are all cut, we bake them to a just-right finish that is firm, but not over-done. We want the cookie to be great to eat first.

Then it’s time to ice the cookie. Again, we mix our icing by hand in small batches. This way we get just the right color for you.

In this case, we started with a basic white icing.

We let this first layer dry a bit so the colors wouldn't bleed into the base. Once the cookies were ready, we mixed up the "W" color with a firmer consistency and used fine-tipped piping bags to create the outline of the corporate logo. It took several steps and a very steady hand to create the border of the logo.