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A Smile with Heart

We like Orthodontic Associates ( on the web or @oasmiles on Twitter). Three of our family members have been wonderfully served by their great staff over the years. But recently one of our customers reminded us how good they are at service. She brought us a cookie jar shaped like a giant tooth. She said her grandson had just finished up his treatment at Orthodontic Associates and she asked us to make some custom “Thank you” cookies and fill the jar with them. She wanted to make sure the staff at Orthodontic Associates knew how much she appreciated the way they had served her grandson.

There is more to this story...the heart of it is when people do their best work and serve people in their moment of need, this world becomes a much better place. We were honored to help this lovely lady give a genuine “thank you” to people who serve this community through their excellence.

Every time we “make your memories sweeter” we are honored for the chance to give our artistic touch to your lives. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

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