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A Waddle of Penguins

Every year there is a gathering that happens in Tulsa. Cross Stitchers from all over the country come to the annual Silver Needle cross stitching retreat for several days of stitching, shopping, dining, and fun. 1 Smart Cookie made the event a little sweeter.

Linda Ebright is the designer behind Lizzie Kate designs ( She was one of the special guests at the retreat. Lindy Legener is the owner of The Silver Needle cross stitching shop (, and she had a plan to make this year special. She conspired with Lisa (1 Smart Cookie) for a custom cookie that would match a special edition cross stitch design that was featured at the retreat.

Lisa got a special early reveal of the design and worked up a matching custom cookie. Our Cookie Artists then went to work and made 189 copies - enough for all the attendees, and all the workers at The Silver Needle.

Here are some behind-the scenes pictures as it all came together.

This was Lisa's creation of the first little penguin:

Then he joined all the other cutouts after their first coat of icing:

Here is a short video clip of the process of making the penguins:

All of the penguins waiting for their last bit of icing to dry:

All packaged for the trip to Tulsa:

And finally, at the reveal with the cross stitching kit for the big event:

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