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Cookie Art & Anniversaries

Wow! We can hardly believe it, but last week marked a year since we bought 1 Smart Cookie! The last year has been an amazing time baking so many custom cookies for all of you.

There have been a lot of changes, and since we crossed this milestone, perhaps this is a good time to relive a few of them.

Web Site - In September 2017 we published the new web site. After eleven years in business, 1 Smart Cookie had a nice portfolio of cookies to brag about. We did a re-design of the web site so you could explore the great work of our cookie artists from both your computer and your mobile device.

Social Media - At the same time we refreshed our Facebook page and Twitter account so you could get regular updates on our daily specials and show off some of the fun we have making your memories sweeter.

Technology - Last Fall we started updating our technology to give you a modern purchasing experience with features like mobile payments, business invoicing, and even Apple Pay.

Shop Refresh - We had our crew working behind-the-scenes last November and December to prepare for a big interior re-design. We closed the week between Christmas and New Years and re-opened with a new color palette, new lighting, new display, new customer order pickup area, and even a cookie bar!

Feature Cookies - We kept all of the great Variety cookie recipes, but we changed up the rotation a bit. We now swap out the feature cookie more frequently so you get even more options. But don't worry, there are certain cookies we will always make at certain times of the year. If you are a regular, you know what we are talking about.

Sprinkles! - We updated our kitchen area and re-organized our ever-growing Sprinkle Inventory. We are now ready for nearly every Sprinkle Contingency!

New Logo - We refreshed our company logo to reflect the artistic flair of our Cookie Artists. We even made sure the script "Smart" is the work of one of our own.

New Sign - The previous 1 Smart Cookie sign had been pounded pretty hard by an Oklahoma hail storm a few years ago. We replaced it with our new logo and can now light up the shopping center with our bright LED sign that should be tougher for the Oklahoma weather.

Shop Video - We added a large monitor in the shop and can now run Cookie Videos for you to watch while we box up your order. You might need to linger for a while to get through all the cookies in the video.

Cookie Art - ...and our latest addition, Cookie Art! We filled the large wall opposite our customer counter with 20 of our favorite cookie projects printed in full color. We also added a new aluminum sign with our logo right in the middle above the cookie bar.

It's been a great - fun - busy - exciting year! We have already made well over 100,000 cookies in 2018 and we still have four months to go.

If you haven't been in the shop for a while, stop by and visit!

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