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Cookie Faith

Do you know what “Faith” means? Today it is far too common to use the wrong definition. “Faith” is often used as “believing without evidence.” But at 1 Smart Cookie, we suggest you should try our “Cookie Faith” definition.

A good place to start is way back in my childhood when we had church dinners. Every family would bring their favorite dish. It was always an amazing smorgasbord of options. But early on, I learned it was smart to go through the line with my mom. You see, she had been attending these dinners for many years, and knew which dish belonged to which family. That meant she had built up a very important data set from which she could make accurate predictions about the quality of the food.

I could follow behind and watch what she took, then select accordingly and know I would have an enjoyable meal. Every once in a while I would venture away from my mom’s choices. That usually ended with a portion of food left on my plate after one bite and I was again reminded to trust my mom.

Mom was teaching me about Faith. I could trust my mom because she made judgements based on evidence she had accumulated over time.

We practice that here at 1 Smart Cookie. If you look on our home page, we describe our cookies as “Honest cookies.” We use fresh ingredients. We make the cookies ourselves. We make the icing ourselves. There are no preservatives. What you get is a cookie that looks great, and (this is important) tastes great. We are proud to put our logo on every box and our sticker on every heat-sealed bag. We are proud because we know what is inside.

So when you get your next cookie from 1 Smart Cookie, you can have faith that it will be as good as the last one. And if you have never tried our cookies, then practice a little Cookie Faith based on the witness accounts of the many people over the last eleven years who have been our faithful customers.

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