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Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is a a really busy time at our shop. It is also one of the best times for our wonderful Cookie Artists to team up and make your holiday season sweeter. It is quite a dance in the back of the shop when we have the mixing, roll-out, icing, and piping stations all humming at the same time. There are trays of cookies being passed from one person to the next as each adds their special touch. Soon a magical transformation turns simple ingredients to Christmas memories.

What makes it so special is the way each person on our team gets to contribute their own creative skill to your cookie ideas. Then you get to take these treats home and they become but part of your family memories.

We say we "make your memories sweeter" for a reason. The sweet treats are great, but it is when you add the cheer of family and friends that cookies become memories.

There were more than 5,000 of you that bought cookies in our shop this year. And we love that our cookies were shared by those 5,000 people to so many more all over our community and even across the country. Thank you for letting us make your memories sweeter this year.

We are going to be closed for the next week so our Cookie Artists have extra time to enjoy their families. We are looking forward to kicking off 2019 on January 3 and making more sweet memories!

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